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“ 我真誠地推薦這本值得注意的出版物,作為對所有人的指南和參考。 當您閱讀該內容並練習特定章節相關的技能時,請慢慢來,不要著急。 讓阿堅奴在這裡成為您的導師,在他的指導下,您一定會成功。 祝您擁有愉快的學習旅程!”
“ I sincerely commend this noteworthy publication as both a guide and a reference to all. As you read the contents and practice the skills related to specific chapters, take your time, and never rush. Allow Aquino to become your mentor here, and through his guidance, you will surely succeed. I wish you a wonderful journey! “
✒️Michael Sull
國際間備受推崇的美國西洋書法大師。 擔任IAMPETH(國際手寫英文書法大師與教師協會)主席長達二十五年。當今唯一師承美國英文書法黃金年代大師的傳奇人物。美國前列根總統的御用書法家。
Michael Sull is recognized nationally as an American western penman, he served as the president of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) for 25 years. He is the foremost as well as the sole living penman who is a pupil of the golden age of American penmen. He was a personal calligrapher for Ronald Reagan, a former president of the United States.
I met Michael Sull when he was giving lessons tour in Asia, I was fascinated by the charm of Michael Sull inside and outside lessons by the one week i met with him. He visited my studio and remarked my hand-crafted dip pens, whose opinions and comments are invaluable and I benefit a lot from it!
The time when I shared the message that I was preparing for this book to Michael, I got encouragement as well as some important advices from him, which gave me deep understanding of how essential it is to teach and pass on the legacy of calligraphy. Here is the extract of the foreword by Michael Sull. I want to say that I am grateful and a million thank yous for his support, and look forward to expressing my gratitude in person soon.

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