Engrosser Ruler - 銅版體專用工具尺

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This ruler designed by Aquino da Silva in 2017, is very handy lining tools. The ruler is the size of a credit card and is suitable for daily practice or lining on small cards and envelopes. Engrosser's Ruler has x-heights from 3 to 7 mm and a 55-degree slant angle.

這把間尺試是阿堅奴於2017年設計和生產。尺寸只有一張信用卡的大小,是非常方便攜帶的間尺工具,適合日常練習使用,尤其是應用在信封或小卡書寫。 書寫X字高由3至7毫米,傾斜角度為55度。